State of the MLB Hot (Cold) Stove

Yu Darvish originally says he didn’t receive a deal then says he did, Now @BryanHoch is reporting that Yu Darvish is lying so I’m officially fried.

JD Martinez may not sign till Spring training, Josh Donaldson and the Blue Jays pretty much fucked over the Red Sox when they settled on 23 million for this upcoming season, Yeah they play different positions and all but I think JD can look at Donaldson and be like that’s what I believe I should be making if not more.

Arbitration is going to be settled with all the players before any of the big time free agents sign, regarding that the Yankees have signed all their Arb eligible players….

Adam Warren 3.3 million

Didi Gregorius 8.25 MM

Dellin Betances 5.1 MM

Sonny Gray 6.5 MM

Austin Romine 1.1 MM

Aaron Hicks 2.8 MM

Tommy Kahnle 1.3 MM

Chasen Shreve 825 K

The only two real Free afents to sign so far have been Jay Bruce with the New York Mets for 3 years at 39 million and Carlos Santana for 3 years at 60 million with the Philadelphia Phillies. If you had told me at the beginning of this off-season that Bruce and Santana would be the first two to sign of the bigger FA’s I’d of said you were freaking crazy.

Will Gerrit Cole ever actually be moved during this off-season? I’m gonna say no and he’s traded towards the July trade deadline. 

It’s January 12th, we are 5 weeks from pitchers and catchers reporting yet none of the big FA have signed. Hopefully the dam breaks wide open soon cause this has been one of the most boring off-seasons I can ever remember.


The Yankees should sign Greg Bird to an early extension and here’s why…

Credit to @emichael888 for this article idea

So Eric and I think the Yankees should give Bird an extension of 4 years at 24 million with 2 club options at 10 and 12 mil with incentives achieved which would bring the total to 46 mil over 6 years and he should take it. Here are our reasons…

1. It’s high risk, high reward. If Bird is what we all believe him to be, then it’s a steal for the Yankees, if he ends up being a bust or just too injury prone then it isn’t a big money commitment. We don’t lose very much. He can always still be a back up since he won’t be making a lot.

2. With how his injury history has been so far (He also had injuries in the Minors) so why not take the safe bet if you’re Bird. He’s only 25 so a 6 year deal would take him until he’s 31 or 32 and can still get one big contract. If I were Greg Bird I’d be wary of betting on myself so I’d take the guaranteed money.

3. The Yankees would be crazy not to do this because the upside for Bird is amazing! Dude could for real hit 40+ bombs and drive in 90+ RBI’S a year. If he isn’t durable, well we haven’t lost very much except a bit of money. You don’t usually extend guys like this but Bird is different.

4. Factoring in buying out his Arbitration years… He’d probably get between 1-4 million next year maybe 5 mil???. So 24 million sounds about right, It’s right at the 6 mil range but it’s less than 7-8 a year which would still be a steal.

Note: extensions do not take affect immediately so it wouldn’t mess with the Luxury Tax & we would still be under it for the 2018-19 off season.

I feel like this is a good thing to do for the Yankees? And for Greg Bird. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

Tyrus of GFW (fka Brodus Clay) is unhappy with creatives direction for him

Tyrus of GFW/Impact Wrestling & formerly Brodus Clay in WWE, Said today in an Instagram post that he’s upset with how GFW creative has used him over the past 4-5 tapings (Spoiler not much at all). He did it with dignity and class though & was just standing his ground.
I’m gonna quote what he said word for word (Cause reporters don’t like to do that shit LOL) So here we go THIS is what Tyrus said verbatim in the IG video…….. “Wrestling fans, Impact fans. This is Tyrus here, My mentor Dusty Rhodes once told me the Wrestling business is like a canvas and I’m the Wrestler I gotta paint that Canvas, and at the end of the day it’s my canvas. Well I’ve been with Impact for more than 3 years now and 99% of it has been mostly positive and I’ve enjoyed my time here, But the last 4-5 tapings for me and my fans have been terrible, we’ve been handcuffed and treated like a 2nd class citizen creatively and we’ve worked too hard to become a cross over star to be treated like we’re not. Soooo I’m not happy creatively with the way Impact’s been treating me, Been playing phone tag all day with em (Management?) And I don’t got time for it. You don’t wanna use me the way I think I’ve earned the right to be used that’s cool! I’m about to get my Kaepernick on and I’m taking a knee, So I will not be at TNA tapings this week cause I’m on hold out status and if your good with that cool if not whatever it is, I’m not gonna be there till I’m treated right, Nuff said”

So It looks like Tyrus will not be at Impact till he is treated the way he rightfully should be. I say good on him for taking a stand and holding his ground on being treated well with Impact creatively, He’s too good to be sitting at home for months & months. Edit 3: Though I will say Impact can’t just cater to Tyrus, they do need to at least give him something worthy of his talents. Not main event stuff but mid card stuff & being in a tag team would be great…… Like my friend BQ_KOTM on Twitter said I would hate being a body guard type character for so long especially with his cross over appeal and the stuff he has done with Fox & GLOW on Netflix. I just learned that Tyrus has landed a role on the new AMC show Preacher. I didn’t wanna say this but it’s looking like Impact has dropped the ball with Tyrus now just like WWE did all those years ago. 

Nickelodeon shows off Rocko’s Modern Life & Hey Arnold trailers at SDCC today

I feel like I’m a lil kid again! So today Nickelodeon showed off sneak peeks for Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie and Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling movie. Let’s start with Rocko’s first.

So Rocko’s Modern Life has him now in the 21st Century showing off all the technology we have in our world today but it was named different stuff.

Like the iPhone is called the O-phone 8 lol. Rocko asks this is a phone, Where are all the buttons?

Then Rock goes to his old job and notices there’s no door and asks “where’s the door what happened to all the comics? Heff and  Filburt are using a machine that can make a Comic out of some type of technology.

Then they use a food truck to get Taco’s and Rocko gets sick from one of em. They go see a movie in 3-D after the movie Filburt uses the drink that makes everyone radioactive and he turns into some type of monster which then transforms into the hand that flicks Rocko into the new Title sequence and the trailer ends with him running into his house. 

Now for Hey Arnold, So after all these years we are finally getting The Jungle Movie which should of come out 15 years ago but it just didn’t happen. It is NOW though!!!

The trailer starts out with everyone on Arnold’s rooftop and when I say everyone I mean it! They had main character’s, side character’s, one-offs it was amazing! 

Gerald (Arnold’s best friend) describes to us what makes Arnold so special by goin over some of the people he’s helped on the show…. like Stoop Kid (when I saw him I lost my shit) He says he never would of left his stoop had it not been for Arnold, he says look at me now I’m sitting on the biggest stoop of em all and that now he can harass folks from his stoop and off it  he ends by saying Arnold has a great heart. pigeon Man was shown as well (I again lost my shit and fan girled) he says Arnold helped him escape the cage of his old life, now he’s as free as a bird and we pan up to see the Bells of Notre Dame.
They show a couple other characters he’s helped and that this is why he should win the contest/trip to San Lorenzo. Since he is a humanitarian like his parents. Gerald ends by saying Arnold is a Bold hero and a true friend. That was the end of the sneak peek trailer. 

Here are links to both of the trailers as well so you can check them out for yourself. Rocko’s Modern Life Static Cling sneak peek Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie sneak peek

Writer’s take: I CAN’T WAIT for these 2 movies to premiere they look so good and like the old shows Rocko’s got the humor it used to have and Arnold looks to have the heart that made the show amazing originally. It literally can’t get here fast enough. 

Mauro Ranallo back in WWE as the head NXT commentator

Written by RustyRages

The WWE and Mauro Ranallo have come to an agreement for one of the best Play by play men in the sports business to continue with the WWE as the head announcer for NXT. 

This is great news for all WWE fans! We get Ranallo to come back and call matches on NXT TV and Takeover specials which will make that product even better then what it already is. It also keeps Ranallo away from the bully that is John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL). Here is the statement Mauro Ranallo released on his Instagram page

“WWE and I mutually agreed to end my responsibilities on SmackDown having nothing to do with rumors about disputes,” he wrote. “As I remained under contract with WWE, we discussed a variety of options. Despite originally agreeing to part ways, there was always a desire to continue working together. We have come to terms on a new agreement that benefits both WWE and me, and I am thrilled to announce I will now be part of the NXT broadcasting team.”

Ranallo has confirmed he will make his debut for NXT at Friday’s (Tomorrow) tapings. So we should see him calling NXT not next week but the week after.

After all the stuff with JBL (Allegedly) I didn’t see him coming back to the WWE so I’m super happy as a fan to see him back. Welcome back Mauro Ranallo.

Why I love Wrestling so much at 30

I was born in 1987 so I’ve lived through the break-up of the Rockers and the birth of HBK when Shawn Michaels threw Marty Jannetty through the pain glass window, the rise and fall of WCW, the creation of NWO & DX, I saw the beginning transformation of The Ring Master to Stone Cold Steve Austin, Seeing Rocky Maivia turn into The Rock, Hunter Hearst Helmsley into Triple H and so on.

The Attitude era for me and most fans of my age will always be our Golden age of Wrestling. Nothing will ever come close to that again. 

 I will admit Wrestling today just isn’t what it used to be, Most of that probably has to do with the fact the product is PG so it’s geared more toward kids (at least WWE) and well the wrestlers just don’t have as much freedom like the guys I mentioned had in the early to late 90’s)

But Wwe/Wrestling as a whole is still amazing to me. There’s no better feeling than watching 5 star classic matches or seeing something breath taking like Shawn Michaels Vs Bret Hart (Wrestlemania 12 the Iron Man Match), Bret Hart vs Stone Cold (WM13), Kazuchika Okada Vs Kenny Omega (WK11), Pete Dunne Vs Tyler Bate (NXT: Chicago), Stone Cold dropping HHH while he’s in a car from a fork lift, Shane McMahon going through the glass at King of The Ring ’01, Mick Foley taking that scary ass bump in his Hell in a cell match with Undertaker, All the crazy stunts the Young Bucks pull in Ring of Honor, etc.

So why do I still love Wrestling at a time when I should essentially be growing out of it….. The spectacle of it all still fascinates me, as stated above when you get those special moments/great matches​, NXT, ROH, New Japan Pro Wrestling, all the indie stuff. Women are finally starting to be able to wrestle again like the early 00’s when we had Molly Holly, Trish Stratus, Lita, etc. There is still great Wrestling out there even if you don’t like the major brands i.e Raw/Smackdown/Impact.

Wrestling to me is the best form of natural high and a lot of other wrestling fans as well.